If Your HVAC Company Is Not Doing This For You...Stop!

No HVAC company is right for installing systems in your home without preforming a thorough inspection. We preform what is called a Manual J Load Calculation. Simply measuring the size of your home is not enough. We take into account, among other things: heat gained by walls and windows, occupancy, electrical appliances, outside air, home construction type, mechanical ventilation, duct leakage/gains/losses, and customized consumer requests and preferences. 

Types of HVAC companies
you should be leery of.

Overquoting a “High Quality” system

Some contractors will sense that you might have the penchant for having the best of everything. But quality does not exactly equal value. With few exceptions, the best system is the one that is sized and installed properly by the contractor.

Underbidding for the lowest price

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some contractors will give you what seems to be a “steal”. But if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Any price that is too low is likely a system that won’t be sized properly or installed with professional grade care

Quick trigger on a repair appointment

Be skeptical of replacement quotes in times of desperation. Some HVAC contractors know you are in need, and will take advantage of this. At Same Day, we encourage you to get second opinions — we offer them FREE. We promise fair quotes and top notch support.

Ways To Save On Heat Pump Installation Costs

Understand The Signals

A great way to cut costs on heat pump installation is to understand when the right time to replace your system is. Is it hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? Is your heat pump making strange noises? These could be signs that it is time to replace your heat pump. Knowing these signs can help lower repair costs, and help you get out ahead of new installation before your system breaks down.

Look For Tax Incentives

Installing a new heat pump can offer great tax incentives or rebate programs to help you save money. Research what kind of incentives you can get for installing in your San Diego home.

Look For Referral Programs

HVAC companies often offer referrals when you get a friend or family to also get a heat pump installed. Look for companies that offer these types of rewards and figure out what is the best deal for you.