What size garbage disposal do I need for my kitchen?

Figuring out the right size for your kitchen’s garbage disposal depends on a few things including:

  • Your family size and how much food waste your kitchen deals with
    • If you have a big family or your kitchen often has a lot of food leftovers, you might need a strong and bigger disposal unit
    • If your household is smaller or your kitchen doesn’t produce a lot of waste, a regular-sized disposal should do the job

The power and motor size of the disposal should match the amount of work you expect it to do. It’s important to think about these things and check the product details to make a smart choice, making sure your garbage disposal meets your kitchen’s needs.

Why is my garbage disposal making unusual noises?

Should your waste disposal exhibit peculiar sounds, it may signify an array of underlying concerns. Culprits often involve:

  • Foreign objects such as utensils or rigid objects in the disposal
  • Weathered blades
  • Loose internal components

A course of action to resolve the issues involves promptly deactivating the garbage disposal and inspecting the apparatus for visible hindrances. Should the issue endure, enlisting professional help is advised to rectify the matter, thereby preventing potential harm to the disposal unit and ensuring its optimal functionality.

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When my garbage disposal started acting up, I contacted Same Day for repair service, and the experience was excellent. The technician arrived promptly, diagnosed the issue quickly, and efficiently repaired the disposal. They were transparent about the costs and explained the necessary repairs in a way that was easy to understand. The disposal is now working perfectly, and I appreciate the professionalism and expertise displayed by the repair team. I would definitely use their services again.

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I had a fantastic experience with this garbage disposal installation and repair service. The technicians were not only knowledgeable but also courteous and respectful. During the installation, they took the time to answer my questions and provided valuable insights into proper maintenance practices. When I needed a repair, they quickly identified the problem and fixed it efficiently. The level of customer service and expertise displayed by the technicians was commendable. I highly recommend this service for anyone seeking reliable and customer-friendly garbage disposal services.


FAQ About San Diego Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Can I install a garbage disposal if I don't have a dishwasher?

Yes! Even if you do not have a dishwasher, you can still install a garbage disposal in your home! While the installation process might vary slightly based on the specific model, the general basics remain the same.

Is it necessary to hire a plumber for garbage disposal installation?

To ensure the project is done safely and efficiently, it is important to hire a plumber for a project of this magnitude. Individuals with plumbing experience may attempt to follow the manufacturers guidelines, but overall it is best to contact a certified professional.

What should I do if my garbage disposal is leaking?

If your disposal is leaking, it may be a result of damaged seals, loose connections, or a crack in you disposal unit. If you notice that it is leaking, this is not to be taken lightly. You should turn off your disposal and contact a professional promptly.

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