If Your HVAC Company Is Not Doing This For You...Stop!

No HVAC company is right for installing systems in your home without preforming a thorough inspection. We preform what is called a Manual J Load Calculation. Simply measuring the size of your home is not enough. We take into account, among other things: heat gained by walls and windows, occupancy, electrical appliances, outside air, home construction type, mechanical ventilation, duct leakage/gains/losses, and customized consumer requests and preferences. 

Ava, Del Mar
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Erick was able to run a diagnostic on our system and confirm that nothing was wrong. He made some recommendations for maintenance to keep things running smoothly as well. Truly great customer service!

Ethan, East Village
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These guys were quick, professional, and they offer an amazing financing plan that will help you with your HVAC needs! Jamie and his team cleaned up afterwards too!

Grace, El Cajon
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The company itself has been great about calling to schedule the regular appointments included with my maintenance plan. I appreciate this so much. I highly recommend Same Day Heating, Cooling, Plumbing.


Types of HVAC companies
you should be leery of.

Overquoting a “High Quality” system

Some contractors will sense that you might have the penchant for having the best of everything. But quality does not exactly equal value. With few exceptions, the best system is the one that is sized and installed properly by the contractor.

Underbidding for the lowest price

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some contractors will give you what seems to be a “steal”. But if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Any price that is too low is likely a system that won’t be sized properly or installed with professional grade care

Quick trigger on a repair appointment

Be skeptical of replacement quotes in times of desperation. Some HVAC contractors know you are in need, and will take advantage of this. At Same Day, we encourage you to get second opinions — we offer them FREE. We promise fair quotes and top notch support.

Do I Need Air Conditioning In San Diego?

Air conditioning is recommended, even in a city with such optimal weather conditions as San Diego. It can get hot during the summer months, and peaks in late summer with average highs around 78 degrees. Additionally, in September through February, the Santa Ana winds blow in from the desert on occasion, causing hot, dry conditions. The record high in San Diego was set in 2010 with a temperature of 111 degrees.

Ways To Save On AC Installation Costs

Time It Right

Many homeowners pay top dollar for AC installation because their unit breaks at the most inopportune time and they are forced to replace it on short notice during peak season. If you think your AC is on its last legs, it would behoove you and your family to consider replacing a unit in the off-seasons. This not only cuts costs, but reduces stress and gives you the time to do the proper research and make the right decisions.

Look For Equipment Rebates & Tax Credits

We can often find help you find the rebates and tax credits you need. AC installation in San Diego can offer benefits: you can get $75 back on any smart thermostat installation. The Federal HVAC Tax Credit can be used for systems purchased at least through 2020.

Preform A Self-Examination

Are you a lone homeowner or do you have a family of five? If you have three room condominium and are not home often, a ductless mini split may be more viable. Consider your living habits and conditions before you dive into specifics of getting quotes. This can help guide your contractor toward a unit that best suits your needs.

Why Choose Same Day Heating & Air For Your AC Installation?

Family-owned Same Day Heating and Cooling offers easy and affordable AC installation service in San Diego. Our promise to you is always that if we do not fix your system the SAME DAY we arrive, you don’t pay the service fee. Our home service experts are licensed and insured with more than 100 years of staff experience. Additionally, we pack all of our repair, installation, and replacement services with a 24-month, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us. And see why we’re different.