What Is The Air Quality in San Diego?

Especially in California, air quality can be a serious issue. With hundreds of different pollutants from pollen to smoke and smog, it is good to know what the typical air quality of a city is. Whether you already live in San Diego or are planning to become a new homeowner in San Diego, you can rest easy knowing that San Diego typically has a good to fairly moderate air quality rating. Read through our guide below to find out what factors hurt the air quality in San Diego, and what you can do to stay safe when air quality levels drop.

San Diego Air Quality

San Diego’s air quality typically ranges between the mid 20s to the mid 60s on the US AQI scale. The main factor hurting their score is unhealthy ozone pollution over prolonged periods of time. This pollutant is a corrosive gas which can cause damage to lung tissue over prolonged periods of exposure.

Climate and location also play into factors that can cause harm to San Diego’s AQI score. Often times, these factors play more into an area’s air quality than local spikes in emissions do. In San Diego, their sub-tropical climate as part of the San Diego Air Basin, along with little precipitation year-round combine to create perfect conditions for the creation of ozone pollution. Its location along the Pacific coast also lends to the perfect climate for pollution. This is due to the occasional marine inversion, or reversal of normal temperature patterns. During these periods of time, ground level emissions accumulate until normal temperature patterns return.

How Can You Protect Against Poor Air Quality?

While masks and stand alone air purifiers definitely work, the best way to protect against poor air quality outside is by staying inside. This calls for the importance of having great indoor air quality. Often times, indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air quality. Smoke and smog from combustion sources, allergens like pollen and dust, and even moisture and mold can all affect your home’s indoor air quality. 

With Same Day’s Air Scrubber air purification system, you can be sure your home’s indoor air quality is the best it can be. 

Overall, it is important to have great air quality for both long and short term lung health. In San Diego, the outdoor air quality is often good enough where you can breathe easy both inside and out. However, for the times that the air quality isn’t the best, Same Day Heating and Air Conditioning provides the best solution for your IAQ needs. 

Same Day also offers services from plumbing to heating and cooling as well. If you ever have any questions about anything from IAQ to heating, cooling, and plumbing, feel free to give us a call! Any of our certified professionals will always be happy to help with any problems you may be having.

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