UV Lights for Your HVAC System: Why You Need Them

Did you know that bacteria could be living in your home’s HVAC system? In fact, you can contract diseases and become sick by inhaling air that has been infected with these bacteria. In some severe cases, there has been reported deaths related to bacteria in HVAC units. In 2019, schools in Chesterfield, Virginia had to close as Legionella bacteria, a form of pneumonia, was found in their HVAC systems. That is an instance where UV lights come in handy. UV lights are known to kill bacteria. But can UV lights sterilize your HVAC system?

Benefits of UV Light For Your HVAC System

Using UV light to keep your HVAC system clean is an effective way to ensure that you aren’t breathing in any bacteria. They are effective in killing bacteria, mold, and mildew which can cause serious harm to both you and your HVAC system. These substances harm indoor air quality, and in turn cause various allergies to flare up. 

Installing UV lights can also help with efficiency. All the buildup on your unit causes lower HVAC efficiency, meaning your system will have to work harder, and you will have to spend more money. By installing a UV light efficiency increases along with the money in your pocket.

You also won’t need to clean your unit as much or use harsh chemicals on the system. Without having to use these chemicals, you can breathe easier knowing you aren’t inhaling anything harmful.

Where Do You Install UV Lights?

Typically, there are two spots in which you can install UV lights within your HVAC system. Depending on where you put them, you will get different results as to what substances you kill.

First, you can put UV lights on your unit’s coils. Here, a gaseous refrigerant is changed into a liquid in a process known as the refrigeration cycle. Because of this transformation, condensation is built up creating a hot spot for mold and other bacteria. With a UV light constantly shining, bacteria are killed before it can ever form, and the growth of mold is prevented.

You can also have UV lights installed in your ductwork or vents throughout the home. Unlike the coil lights, these lights are more meant to kill allergens and airborne bacteria. These lights typically are only turned on when the air is running through the vents.

How Much Do UV Lights for Your HVAC System Cost?

You do not need to spend a lot on a UV lighting system for your HVAC unit. There are plenty of models that range in prices from as little as $70 to as high as $500 for high tech models. While you can install some of these UV lights on your own, it is best to call in a professional to do it for you. This will reduce the risk of having them incorrectly or damaging you unit. That is where Same Day Heating, Cooling, Plumbing comes in! Need help with your HVAC system? Give Same Day a call, out experts will be happy to help with anything you may need!

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