Do I Need Air Conditioning Living in San Diego?

From its stretching coastlines to warm temperatures, San Diego is a great place to live year-round! Are you thinking of moving to, or building a home in San Diego? You probably have a lot of questions. Read through our guide below to help you determine the answer to one specific question: do you need AC in San Diego? Whether it’s all year or month by month, you have the questions, and we have the answers!

San Diego Climate

Before we determine if you need air conditioning living in San Diego, we first should explain what the climate looks like in and around the city. San Diego is classified as a coastal desert type climate that has warm summers and cool winters. What is great about San Diego, is that the temperatures typically don’t get too high or too low. During the cool season, you will typically see an average daily high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The warm season on the other hand, will typically last from July to October and has a daily average high temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Occasionally, you will see temperatures in the warm season reach mid 80s. The climate allows for a generally very comfortable place to live all times of the year, although summer months can become hot.

Do San Diego Homes Have Air Conditioning?

You may be wondering what some of your neighbors might have in their home if you do decide to live in San Diego. The truth is most homes do not have air conditioning in the area. In 2018 it was reported that only 10.8 percent of homes sold over that year in San Diego had air conditioning. Compare that to 54.7 percent of homes nationwide, and over 99 percent of homes in hot climates such as Phoenix and Las Vegas. Most people get away with not having AC living here in San Diego.

The Verdict: Is AC Really Needed in San Diego?

So, do you need air conditioning in San Diego? We would recommend that all homes have an air conditioner, especially for those summer months of July, August, and September. While the temperature may be comfortable most times of the year, it is best to have an AC for those times when it becomes unbearable. The good news is you likely will not have to use it all year long like some other cities throughout California might have to. Overall, air conditioning might not be necessary for you, but we recommend that all homes have it for those really hot times of year.

If you have any problems with your air conditioner, or are looking to have one installed, our team here at Same Day Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help! We can perform AC repair or replace your existing system or install a new one if you determine AC is right for you! For any help on making a decision, visit us today for more guides and help with all your HVAC needs.

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